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How to Find the Most Affordable Doors

Finding great value for products and services can sometimes feel like looking for a needle in a haystack. We get it. We all want the best "bang for our buck." Doors are no exception. While some doors for your home or business can be reasonably priced, the range is quite extensive, costing anywhere from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars, and even tens of thousands of dollars for ultra high-end and custom doors.

Here at Vancouver Door Doctor we have worked with customers with every type of budget you can think of. Most people, though, are looking for the best possible value. That is, the best possible quality for the best possible price. What that looks like for each person varies greatly so we thought we would share some insider tips and tricks for finding the best possible price when it comes to purchasing a door.


Many people don't seem to know that you can save money by buying used doors. Whether you are on a super tight budget and just need something decent that can do the job, or you're looking for a high quality door without the high quality price tag, purchasing a used door could be a good solution for you. Most expensive products, including doors, tend to have a valuable resale price so lots of people who swap out their doors for aesthetic purposes will sell their old doors. That means that buyers can get a great quality door in great condition for far less than the retail price.

Some places to search for used doors include Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, and thrift stores like Habitat for Humanity Restore or "New and Used" stores like Chilliwack New & Used Building Materials Inc. Note that doors come in many different sizes so make sure you measure correctly the door size that you need to fit your opening.


Don't misinterpret this as a ploy to get your business, but rather understand that one of the many reasons it's a good idea to purchase your door through the professional who is going to install it (like us) is that as a tradesperson/industry expert, we can purchase directly from suppliers, which translates into cost savings for the customer when compared to retailers like Home Depot, Doors Galore and Rona, or custom door builders.


YouTube is your best friend here. There are so many free online resources that can teach you how to fix or refurbish an old door that may just need a little TLC. Sometimes all it needs for an updated look is a fresh coat of paint and some new hardware, or replacing a broken window pane. There are lots of cool ideas floating around the internet for DIY updates to the look of a door like changing a flush door to one with chevron accents, adding some hardware to turn a standard swing door into a barn door (or build one from scratch!), cutting a door in half to make it into a Dutch Door, and more. Don't want to do it yourself? Vancouver Door Doctor can do it for you, just give us a call. Refurbishing is most likely more cost-efficient than purchasing a brand new door.


Just because a part is broken doesn't mean the whole system needs to be replaced. Often retailers will require customers to purchase what is called a "prehang" which means a door that comes with the matching jamb (aka frame). If your existing jamb is in good condition, sometimes all you really need is a new door slab, which is a lot cheaper than a prehang. Or if part of the door is broken, often Vancouver Door Doctor can fix or replace just that part, like a panel in a door, or a lite/window.

If you need help with any residential or commercial door project in our service area of the Fraser Valley and Metro Vancouver, get in touch! We can be reached anytime by text or phone at (778) 552-9643 or email

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