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How to Fix and Prevent Pocket Door Issues

There are many benefits and uses of sliding pocket doors. Pocket doors are wonderful for saving space, and offer a unique aesthetic to a room.

They are most often found in smaller spaces to maximize use of every square foot, such as in condos, smaller bathrooms, dens, and closets.

They can also function as a decorative element in the form of a beautiful room divider.

There are single, as well as double pocket doors, and they can be solid or see-through with glass panels.

Learn more about the pros and cons of pocket doors in this article.

Common Problems With Pocket Doors

A common problem that people often find with their pocket doors is hardware malfunction. If your pocket door is not sliding easily, it is probably an issue with the track system and/or rollers. Pocket doors commonly get stuck, making them difficult to close. Instead of the pocket door sliding smoothly and easily, it squeaks and scrapes.

Another common issue is the hardware and components. Common locks on pocket doors break easily and need replacing. For pocket doors with glass panels, sometimes the glass can break.

How to Fix Pocket Doors

Because the frame is inside the wall, fixing a pocket door that doesn't slide smoothly is not a simple job that the average home owner can do by themselves. Fixing a pocket door requires expertise and special tools. It does not, however, require a brand new door all that often, nor does it need to be a major expense.

Vancouver Door Doctor has fixed many malfunctioning pocket doors. In most cases, it is simply a matter of replacing a particular part, usually the track and/or rollers, and this can be done with a few specialized tools and in a few hours. See this post and our Pocket Doors Highlight on our Instagram for a video of this.

Only for a more complicated issue is the removal of part of the wall necessary. This makes the job more costly, as the wall needs to be patched back up and the room re-painted. If you are looking to minimize your expense, this is best done at the same time you plan to re-paint the room as having a room professionally painted is the most costly part of the job.

How To Avoid Pocket Door Problems

Because the most common problem is related to the hardware, make sure to use top quality hardware. Also, be gentle with use of pocket doors so the track components stay intact. You can also install a soft closer to assist with this.

Get Your Pocket Door Fixed

We work in all communities throughout the Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley. If you have a pocket door anywhere from West Vancouver through to Chilliwack that needs fixing, give Vancouver Door Doctor a call today. (778) 552-9643 or email

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